Cartoon Theatre has teamed up with Krazy Kat Theatre Company and we are delighted to have re-created this popular show in a new version for general family audiences and deaf and disabled audiences.


“I want to watch it a million times…” Hillhead Primary school pupil

“…a winning formula, particularly as an accessible performance”

John Batty Eden Court  Drama Artist

“The icing on the cake was ‘The Perfect Spot’ which was perfect for our children – once they got the hang of participating in the show there was no stopping them!! …….this show was so clever, visual and amusing it was ‘perfect’ for our group.”

Judy Craib, Teacher of the Deaf

Thank you for the  awesome performance….Kieran
I saw my butterfly, it made me very happy…..Abigail
I loved the show it was better than anything…Kaitlin
My favourite bit was when the bear stole Jim’s socks…..SCott
It was far better than the cinema…Ruaridh
It was the best performance I’ve seen in years….I think you should be famous……Faith
I liked it when the bear came …..Aslam
I liked it when he pulled the smelly fish out of the projector….Sonny
I saw my butterfly, I want to say, I wish I could see it all the time… Kelsey
It was awesome….Theoder
I liked the butterfly bit….Jake
Thank you for an amazing performance….Qittao
Brilliant….I would want to come again….. Sophie R
My favourite bit was when Jim got struck by lightning…..Sophie E
My favourite bit was seeing my butterfly…..Amyc
I saw my butterfly….I saw you drink your tea, was it good?….. Lewis
We enjoyed the lovely show, thank you….Olivia
My favourite bit was when the pan went on fire……. Jack


The joys of camping in Scotland. Will this guy rope in the audience before he pegs out?

An amazing blend of live performance and interactive animation Highly visual and incorporating signed arts, this show is suitable for all the family.

We have now joined forces with Krazy Kat Theatre Company who specialise in sign language arts to make a new accessible version of the show.

The Perfect Spot is an engaging, comic and highly visual piece of family entertainment.

The story of one man’s camping expedition as he tries to find the perfect camping spot. It is presented in Cartoon Theatre’s very popular and unique combination of live performance and interactive animation.

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The Krazy Kat Theatre Company develop theatre incorporating Sign Language Arts, making it fully accessible for deaf and disabled children and their hearing peers. We have a distinctive, ambitious and quality style of integrated work that has attracted artists to the company who seek to reflect the ‘lived experience’ of deaf and hard of hearing children and young people.

The highly visual aspect of our work has always been our strength, allowing us to engage actively with audiences with disabilities and where English is not a first language, eliciting invitations to Festivals in Spain, France and Holland. We are delighted to be combining with Cartoon Theatre to expand the silliness of ‘Perfect Spot’ with our sign language skills.

Founding Artistic Director Kinny Gardner, formerly a member of Scottish Mime Theatre, has become a recognised leader in the development of visual theatre with integrated signing. He remains committed to the advocacy of diversity and accessibility in U.K. Arts.

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