Cartoon Theatre received funding from the North of Scotland Touring Fund to produce and tour our new show “A Sporting Chance”Here’s a taster of the show.

SC show highlights from Right Lines Productions on Vimeo.

A Sporting Chance” has two versions one in English and one in Gaelic

Both are performed by

Artair Donald

Written and Directed by

Dave Smith

Music by

James Bryce

Stage and Technical Management

Brian Gorman

Cartoon Theatre has been entertaining children and families in the North of Scotland for the last 15 years. “A Sporting Chance” is our latest production. We are constantly improving and innovating with our techniques to make theatre that is  part animation and part live performance.  A form of theatre that is immersive and interactive –  a form of theatre that delights kids and adults and uses the most up-to-the-minute technology to offer them a live entertainment experience.

This show is being created to coincide with the ever increasing wave of enthusiasm and publicity for the Olympics.  The theme is comic and inspiring as our hero with his lucky ticket tries to beat his own personal best on his journey to the stadium. He encounters every conceivable form of sport and athletics and we use every visual trick in the book to make a hilarious and dazzling piece of theatre.

In addition to this, in line with our commitment to local theatre, which dates back to the days of Clown Jewels, we involve the audience both before and during the performance.

We are currently touring a workshop where the children (and adults) can convert their drawings of athletes into animations that eventually become part of an interactive race sequence controller through an Xbox interface. The animations from each community will be integrated into the plot in the show at each venue, giving the community a real input into the show as their cartoon characters interactively race against our hero live on stage.

From a promoters point of view these workshops provide great pre-publicity and encourage attendance at the show and give a unique quality to the production.

Cartoon Theatre Production Team have huge experience of touring to rural venues in Scotland We have performed  from Shetland to Dumfries, we are  completely self-contained  in sound, lights and projection equipment and can make the show happen in virtually any village hall.

We look forward to performing at your venue

Thanks Dave Smith

Director – Cartoon Theatre. March 2011.